Portfolio - 3D Scanned Projects

3D Scanned Projects

The 3D scanner is a powerful tool, and it can bypass the need for a 3D design / model drafting process, with only the need for touch-ups on the model afterward. In this gallery, we are demonstrating some of the projects in which we've used a 3D scanner.

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3D Scanned Impeller

Impeller Project   3D Scanned Impeller   Impeller Project  


A high-profile client approached us and wanted to create a copy of an impeller for a machine of theirs.

They brought the model to the store, and using 3D scanning, we recreated a model of the impeller. The 3D scan file is visible on the far right.

3D Scanned 'Selfie' Projects

3D Scanned Selfie  3D Selfies


One of the most common uses of our 3D scanners is for clients who wish to have statuettes or busts made out of 3D scanned '360 selfies' of themselves.

Above is one such example featuring one such gentleman wearing a baseball cap.

What you see hanging off of his chin and ears are support structures to keep the print intact as it cools and solidifies.

3D Scanned Shoe Insoles

3D Scanned Insole   3D Scanned Insole


With this project, a customer came in seeking custom shoe insoles.

Using the example the customer requested, we scanned and recreated 100% unique and custom shoe insoles.

3D Scanned Antique Table Leg

Antique Table Leg   3D Scanned Table Legs   Antique Table Leg

A customer came to us with a beautiful gilded antique table leg, and using a 3D scanner, we created a virtually identical replica!