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Sponsored Projects

This gallery displays some of our favourite sponsored projects we've worked on.

Whether it be a University, or a business, we have worked on many sponsored projects for many high-profile clients.

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Trophy Project for Concordia University Co-op Awards Ceremony

Concordia Co-op Awards 3D Printed Trophies   Concordia Co-op Awards 3D Printed Trophies   Concordia Co-op Awards 3D Printed Trophies

The Co-op Awards of Recognition is a soiree event related to the 'Institute For Co-operative Education' program at Concordia University.

We printed 11 trophies. Each trophy took approximately 13 hours to be fully printed.

These trophies use a combination of PLA bio-plastic, stainless steel, copper, and bronze.

McGill University Rocket Team Payload Project

McGill Rocket Team 3D Printed Payload   McGill Rocket Team 3D Printed Payload   McGill Rocket Team 3D Printed Payload

For their upcoming rocket competition, we 3D printed a payload for the McGill Rocket Team's new rocket.

This payload is designed to reach an altitude of 10,000 ft. above ground level.

The payload is solar powered. A glider that will be deployed from the rocket will start collecting data on its descent.

Functional Hand Prosthetic Project

Functional Prosthetic Hand Project   Functional Prosthetic Hand Project   Functional Prosthetic Hand Project

3DPrinterOS - the world's first cloud based management platform for 3D printers launched the "August Print Challenge".

This initiative helps e-Nable crowdsource from the 3D printing community the largest donation of 3D printed hands yet.

We volunteered to print 25 prosthetic hands free of charge for this charitable initiative.

Canada China International Film Festival Trophy Project

  3d Printed CCIFF Film Festival Trophies   CCIFF Film Trophies


To celebrate the relationship between Canada and China, Dr. Miao Song along with the Canada China Art-Tech non-profit organization founded the CCIFF.

Every year, the event takes place at Concordia University.

Organizers of this event reached out to MatterThings - 3D Printing to commission the printing of 13 trophies, one of each to be presented to each of the nominated categories.

Concordia University Art Project

Concordia University Art Project   Concordia University Art Project   Concordia University Art Project

We 3D printed this art project for Concordia University student Chloë Charce who got the public art commission.

She was among the six MFA students in sculpture from Concordia University that were selected to present a maquette for an outdoor permanent sculpture.

Donald Trump Squeezeez Mega-Head Collectible

Donald Trump Squeezeez Project   Donald Trump Squeezeez Project   Donald Trump Squeezeez Project

Breygent Marketing Inc. a market-leading manufacturer of premium collector cards and collectibles in North America had an idea.

This idea was to create a mega-head collectible toy of Donald J. Trump that you can squeeze.  

MatterThings - 3D Printing helped bring their idea to life in a series of steps that included the 3D design, 3D print and painting of their prototype.

3D Printed Sneaker Rack

3D Printed Sneaker Rack


Dawson College Industrial Design student Lisa Vander Plaetse, came to us in her 3rd year in the program with this exciting project.

It was part of a competition for the ET Foundation, a branch of the Aluminium Extruders Council (AEC).

The goal of this print we made was to create a flexible item using a rigid material.The parts in orange were printed by us, using ABS.

These parts are namely the base (top and bottom) and the feet.