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Automotive Projects

In this gallery, we are putting on display some of the projects we are most proud of which involved something automotive.

One of the most requested types of projects is for discontinued auto parts. Here are just some of those projects. Enjoy!

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Luxury Automobile Spare Part

Luxury Automobile Part


A customer came to us looking for a part to replace a damaged piece on his luxury automobile.

Above is the recreated model, still with its' support structure attached as the piece cools and solidifies.

Car Door Handle Replacement Project

Car Door Handle   3D Printed Car Door Handle


A client was looking for a door handle to replace the old part.

We 3D printed a functional door handle based on the original model, and pictured above is the model rendered in a CAD (computer assisted design) Program.

Car Wheel Mag Plate Project

Car Mag Wheels   3D Printed Mag Wheels


One customer came to MatterThings to have a part of their mag rims printed for their car using a pre-made digital model.

We printed the durable mag rim center-caps, which are fully functional and attachable, as you can see on the right.

Miniature Bus Model Project

Miniature Bus Model   3D Printed Miniature Bus Model


We recreated this miniature model of a bus. Everything in it is fully formed, including the seats for passengers!

Replacement Car Part Projects

3D Printed Spare Car Parts   3D Printed Spare Car Parts   3D Printed Spare Car Parts   

The most common automotive projects we work on involve recreating a functional piece for a vehicle that is either discontinued or hard to find.

Above are just a few such examples.

3D Printed Car Seatbelt

3D Printed Car Seatbelt   3D Printed Car Seatbelt


One customer came to us seeking a replacement for the clip of their car's quote " impossible to replace parts on original 1968 seat belts".

Above are just a few such examples.

3D Printed Steering Wheel Adapter

Steering Wheel Adapter   Steering Wheel Adapter   Steering Wheel Adapter


The goal of this project was to create an adapter for interchangeable steering wheels, fitted at the rear center of the wheel.

This customer uses steering wheels for driving and racing simulations, and wanted a truly custom experience: to play with real steering wheels you might find in a race car.