Portfolio - Branding and Event Projects

Branding and Event Projects

Whether it be a trophy for an event, a company logo or other brand related prints, this gallery shows the best of them. Enjoy!

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Canada China International Film Festival Trophy Project

3D Printed CCIFF Trophies   CCIFF Film Trophies


Dr. Miao Song along with the Canada China Art-Tech non-profit organization created this film festival. Every year, the event is held at Concordia University.

The event organizers contacted MatterThings - 3D Printing to commission the printing of 13 trophies, for each of the 13 categories at the film festival.

Zoetis Inc. Flea House Educational Project

Zoetis Flea House Print   Zoetis Flea House Print   Zoetis Flea House Print

Zoetis Inc., the world's largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, wanted a unique teaching tool for veterinary staff to educate their clients.

They therefore ran the world's largest 3D printing and augmented reality based educational campaign across Canada.

Eco-Triciti Logo Branding Project

EcoTriciti Logo Project


A representative of the Montreal-based renewable energy firm Eco-Triciti came to MatterThings with the need for a model of their logo to be created, and opted to have it 3D printed.

Pictured above is the final product.

Trophy Project for Concordia University Co-op Awards Ceremony

Concordia Co-op Awards 3D Printed trophies   Concordia Co-op Awards 3D Printed trophies   Concordia Co-op Awards 3D Printed trophies

The Co-op Awards of Recognition is an awards ceremony tied to the 'Institute For Co-operative Education' program at Concordia University.

We printed 11 trophies for this prestigious event. Each trophy took just about 13 hours to be fully printed.

CBB Little League Logo Project

 CBB Little League Logo

The CBB Little League is a baseball league dedicated to making the West Island of Montreal a better place.

They came to us at MatterThings to have a new logo made, and we 3D printed a new logo for them, which can be used as a patch.