Portfolio - Prototyping and Product Development

Prototyping, Product Development and Kickstarter

In this gallery, you can see some of the prototyping we've done for various clients, as well as some of our product development projects.

We are also displaying a Kickstarter project we've worked on!

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Kickstarter Pill Coater Project

KickStarter Pill Coater Project    KickStarter Pill Coater Project    KickStarter Pill Coater Project     

A Mothers' Son Suffering from Crohn's Disease Invents the Pill Coater and Uses 3D Printing to Build the Prototype and Raise Funding on Kickstarter.

She invented a product that she named the "Pill Coater" to easily and safely cover the medication in chocolate at home.

She decided to use 3D printing to build a prototype and came to our 3D print shop to bring it to life. 

Tool Holder Product Development Project

Tool Holder Product Development   Tool Holder Product Development   Tool Holder Product Development

A client approached us with a product they wished to improve upon, which holds various tools.

With the help of a 3D designer, we made improvements and 3D printed the final product.

Air Compressor for Hovercraft Prototype Project

Air Compressor Prototype   Air Compressor Prototype   Air Compressor Prototype

This project involved 3D printing a functional prototype for a client.

It is an air compressor for a hovercraft! Above is the final printed product.

Swimming Pool Stairs Prototype Project

Swimming Pool Stairs Prototype Project


A student approached us, looking for a prototype for their class project.

We 3D printed this miniature prototype for a swimming pool staircase.